The Title Process

Title Insurance is an important part of the real estate transaction ensuring that all liens placed against the prior owners of the property, or documents that will restrict use of the property, have been fully disclosed. 

Any title issues - such as ownership claims, forgeries, fraud, unknown heirs, or liens - could hinder a sale or jeopardize ownership transfer. Without a residential title insurance policy, these complications can lead to expensive litigation and even prevent the transfer of the home to its new owners. A policy with the right closing company provides protection from these risks.

We’re here to make this process as easy as possible, for everyone involved. Our team keeps everyone up to date throughout each step of the closing. Just let us know the details of the closing, and we'll be there for you. 


The TransCounty Difference

To ensure a smooth process, it's important to find a closing company that is dedicated, trustworthy and responsive this provides peace of mind during the entire process. If you're looking for more than just a service provider, with TransCounty Title we're also our partner. 

Additionally, we value our relationships in the community, and we always strive to provide the best service. With the TCT family, the closing process will be smooth and worry-free. 


Our Residential Title Insurance Services

Our team performs a comprehensive search of all county records, providing a complete title report. If there are any issues, we ensure they are handled by the closing date. We are committed to make the purchase and refinance processes simple. 

TCT provides the following residential title services:

  • Full-scale residential closing services
  • 1031 Exchange services
  • ALTA land title survey and coordination services
  • Loss mitigation title services
  • Residential short sale and foreclosure services
  • In-house residential legal counsel
  • Seller Net Proceeds assistance
  • A reissue rate for back title
  • Pre-HUD settlement statements
  • An in-house examiner for local searches with a 24-hour turnaround in Franklin and contiguous counties


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